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Hospital Management Solution

MedicHMS-Innovative Hospital Management Solutions

This MedicHMS is designed for multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

Key Features and Benefits –

  • Multiple Branches : Fully customized to suit the needs of Hospitals with capability to manage multiple Branches & Clinics.
  • Appointments: Our package handles the entire requirement of a hospital for various types of functions including registration, appointments consultation and billing management.
  • Online Scheduling: Online Scheduling is a highly customer centric module which allows patient to view the availability of various hospital facilities. Once an appointment has been confirmed, the doctor can be notified by various methods including texting or email of the specific appointment.
  • Admission Discharge and Transfer: This modules controls all the functions related to patient admission pre booking, additional bed management, ward transfer.
  • Billing: Our billing modules cover the handling of Medical Stores, Laboratory , and Diagnosis billing systems across the hospital and help generate various types of billing for customers based on the hospital policies.
  • Tally Compatibility: Financial module allows export of data which can be imported into Tally to generate reports for financials audits/tax submissions etc.
  • Stores Management: Our Inventory management module covers the various aspects of purchase order generation,medicines, Material, and Secured entry and issue functions across the hospital network. Store manager scan also create highly advanced stock forecasting schedules
  • Doctor’s Organizer: Our MedicHMS doctor’s organizer module has been created to provide doctor highly flexible functionality and also a powerful organizing tool for hospital doctors to schedule and manage their appointments.
  • Diagnosis Module: Diagnosis modules are designed for mandatory patient history recording, patient scheduling and drug prescription management, test scheduling and test report integration.
  • Document Management System: Document Management System is a system to scan,archive, retrive the various physical documents(Case Sheets, Reports, Insurance agreements etc,…) to be stored in a electronic format. Our software is used to cleanup and eliminate any extraneous elements on these pages and these are then categorized and archived in the centralized storage system.

Note:Our MedicHMS system also supports the automation of various functions & process. Migration of existing data into the DMS (Document Management System) database is also achieved with a supports various formats.

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